Saturday, May 30, 2015


Much has happened in the last 2 weeks.

On Monday the 18th Clyda had her left knee replaced. The surgeon also found that the Medial Collateral Ligament had been stretched at some point. He had to take 2 sutures in it and form some sort of a sheath around it. Also her knee cap was very worn. This complicated and lengthened the surgery.

However, she was released on Wednesday morning and has continued her recovery at home with the help of a Visiting Nurse Physical Therapist. She is up frequently and even takes walks down the street using her stroller of course. Progress is somewhat hampered by the very heavy knee brace she must wear to keep the knee stable until the ligament has a chance to heal.

Of course this means I am again the Chief Cook and Bottle washer as well as the Head Nurse. Actually things are progressing quit well. It's not as if we haven't been through this several times already.

Other than that, I have done very little around the house.

I have puttered around with my list of to-do's for the RV but it still has items to be attended to.

Clyda has an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday so that may give us an indication of where things stand.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Update time.

Time for an update.

My 10 days at Rancheros Visitadores passed rather quickly. There were no significant problems and thanks to my co-workers who have both been there many years, we sailed through the encampment.
Our campsite.
Looking out the gate.
Looking up the road toward camp from the gate.

The first several days were very warm and nice but then the wind came up the last 4 days and we spent much of each day in heavy jackets. On Thursday night, the last night, it rained. This caused the road to become very slippery and big trailers full of horses couldn't climb the hills Friday morning to get out of camp. An alternate route was used but it too became impassable. By then the wind had dried the road somewhat so vehicles began leaving.

I didn't finish packing until almost noon which allowed my stuff to dry out. I finally left about 12:30 after closing the gates.

I drove to Pismo Beach and checked in at Pismo Beach Resort where Budd and Brenda had invited us to spend Mothers Day weekend again this year. Our neighbors Paul and Kathy arrived shortly also and Clyda had ridden up with them. Another couple we like, Joanne and Tony joined us later in the day.

The weather was sunny but the wind was cold so we spent much time between the RV's talking and playing games. We all took turns preparing and sharing meals and at night we played games in the club house. It was a great 5 days.

On Wednesday we drove to Lompoc and camped at the Elks Club while we visited our friends Larri and John. They live next to the parking lot so it is very convenient to stay there.

On Thursday morning we drove home and only unloaded a few things from the truck as it had started to rain and I also had a Company picnic to go to.

We managed to get the picnic in between rain showers. Lots of old fellow workers to chat with and lots missing who have passed on. The crew that put man on the moon is rapidly disappearing.

Today I unloaded more of the RV and put things away for another year.