Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yes, I am still here.

I picked up the RV from the repair shop and put out both of the slides here in the yard so I could check the closet up front and the pantry in back to see what supplies needed to be added for my fall trip. After that they came in just fine and the big living room slide seemed to work better than ever.

I have been working on menus and food lists for the trip. Also doing some yard work, etc. I am down to the last week before I leave so my to-do list has something on it for every day until I leave.

Tomorrow the truck gets a smog check. That happens every 2 years and is a joke. They check to see if I have messed with the truck computer or added anything to the engine. That takes about 10 minutes for which they charge $75. The only reason it has to be done is because people with strictly gas rigs complained that it “isn’t fair that we pay and they don’t”. Also, state officials wanted the extra revenue. The whole smog check thing is a joke as all the new cars really don’t need checking anymore but still must get checked for the revenue.

I made pizza tonight using a store bought crust in a can. It was thin crust which is what I like but it is awful to work with. Craig wanted to do his on a pizza stone in the oven. That didn’t turn out to well because once the crust is rolled out you can’t easily move it to the stone. He cooked his on a cookie sheet on top of the stone.

I put my crust on a grill mat and then transferred the mat to the BBQ on a cookie sheet. That worked fairly well but the crust cooks very fast so the bottom was very dark and crusty. Crusty is OK, dark not so much. Mine was Canadian bacon and pineapple. I want to do this for one of my meals on the fall trip. I just need to keep and eye on the crust cooking time.

Short post tonight. Mainly I wanted to let people know I am still kicking and looking forward to the fall trip.

Oh, by the way,,,,, Clyda is in Lynden, WA for a week to help niece Dawn celebrate her daughter Samantha’s first birthday which was yesterday.

She will be home Wednesday evening.