Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dragoons.

Location, Benson, AZ

The wind finally died away after dark last night. The temperature may have gotten down near freezing but no water lines froze.

Mike emailed me this morning and said to pack a lunch for the day so around 10 AM we headed out. We drove east to the Dragoon Mountains and found the old Dragoon Springs Butterfield Stage stop.

We then drove through Pearce to Cochise Stronghold where we had lunch and walked the nature trail.

After lunch we drove Middlemarch Road over the top of the Dragoon Mountains which offered a spectacular view to the East.

We drove north along the West side of the Dragoons to Council Rocks. After a short uphill hike we found pictographs and grinding holes.
Grinding rocks that looks very alien.

Our trip home was back on the same road, retracing our steps to Middlemarch Road and then to Hwy 80 north of Tombstone. This eventually brought us back through St David to Benson.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the road again!

Location, Benson, AZ

We have moved on from Bouse. Actually, we left Bouse on Wednesday the 16th and drove to Casa Grande, AZ and stayed at the Elks Club for 4 days. At $5 per day, water only, it is a good deal. However, it is noisy. Traffic noise and lots of trains all night long.

We had dinner at Clyda’s cousin Rod and wife Claralyn’s house on Wednesday. On Thursday we all went to Green Valley, South of Tucson. We visited the Robson retirement community and toured all the model homes. After a picnic lunch at a local park we toured a Titan II missile site. It is the only remaining Titan II site out of 45 original sites and was preserved as a tourist site.

During the early part of the tour the docent asked if anyone had worked at the site or on the equipment. I had, so I raised my hand. In the late 1970’s I briefly worked on the last upgrade of the launch hardware. In this launch control room was an equipment rack with our logo fixed to it.

The photo is of the Launch Control console and the logo is at the upper right.

A close up of the logo. Pretty neat!

On Friday we ran errands. Saturday we drove to see our friends Don and Lois in Sun Lakes, a retirement community South of Phoenix. We had a nice visit, lunch and dinner then played a game of cards called Golf. While we were there it got real windy and rained most of the afternoon. The temperature also dropped. By the time we drove home around 10 PM the wind and rain had quit.

Sunday morning was cloudy with a little wind. We departed Casa Grande about 10 AM and immediately ran into wind while driving towards Tucson. I drove most of the way without using the overdrive so my fuel mileage was poor. The wind did drop after we passed Tucson as we turned towards the east. However, after arriving at Cochise Terrace in Benson, the wind came back up and it is still gusting pretty well so the RV is rocking and rolling. The temperature is in the low 50’s but should improve this week. Night time temps will be around freezing however.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Location, Bouse, AZ

We did another ATV trip yesterday. It was not nearly as cold when we left around 9:30 AM as it was a week or so ago. This trip was 43 miles total and covered a large area East of Bouse. There are a lot of large Ironwood trees along the washes. Some of the dead ones have fantastic shapes.

The weather has really moderated from a week ago. Today it is sunny, with a light breeze and 74 degrees.

There is a large flock of quail which feed here on the lot. They are so funny to watch as they move at a high rate of speed from one place to another. There are also bunches of house finches which hang around as well as humming birds.

 have been trying to diagnose a problem with my exhaust brake on the truck. I finally located the Computer Brake Controller module under the dash and wiggled a few wires and lo and behold, it now works. I still think I have a problem with one of the T-taps that were installed on the existing Ford wiring harness. The problem is to get it to quit so I can find the problem. It is a slow process.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in Bouse, AZ

Location, Bouse, AZ

We are back in Bouse after spending one week at home. Craig’s surgery was a week ago Wednesday. He was without pain as soon as he came out of the operating room. It really has been remarkable to see the difference. He has been in pain so long that normal was hard to remember. He had only a small incision through which they removed a bone spur and relieved the pressure on a nerve. He still has back problems with two vertebrae so will need to be careful.

He wanted us to immediately return here but we stayed for a week, coming back on Tuesday.

The weather has been nice with sunny days with no clouds except for the wind which is cold. We spent all day to day in Blythe, Ca with shopping, lunch at sizzler for Judy’s birthday (Happy birthday again, Judy), groceries, etc. In all about 7 or 8 stops. We ate so much for lunch that dinner tonight was a bowl of popcorn.

We are thinking about a day trip to Wickenburg, AZ this weekend but I need to check to see what is open in the town before we commit. We should be leaving Monday anyway as we don’t want to overstay our welcome.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craig's surgery.

Location, At Home, CA

We drove back from Bouse, AZ on Monday. It was a 7 hour trip with less than moderate traffic through Los Angeles. Our route was I-10 from Arizona to the I-210 through Pasadena to the I-5 and then Hwy 126 to the coast.

We did have some wind from Blythe to Palm Springs but that is usual for this road. Even with the wind we averaged 20.5 MPG because of the Gear Vendors drive shaft splitter.

The back seat was really loaded as there were reports of rain along the coast so I didn’t put anything in the bed of the truck except the dirty laundry in garbage bags.

Craig had his back surgery this morning. He and Clyda left the house before 6 AM and didn’t return until 3 PM. It was out-patient surgery which went well but he needed to stay for a lengthy antibiotic IV before he could come home. Craig said the pain was gone when he woke up so that is good. He was in a good mood tonight as it is the first time he has been pain free in a long time. He still has back issues which will remain with him for the rest of his life but for now, all is good.

I picked the first asparagus of the season today. There is enough for Clyda and I for dinner.

I wrap the cut ends in paper towel and wet it before putting it in the refrigerator. It keeps for several days by doing this.