Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the road again!

Location, Benson, AZ

We have moved on from Bouse. Actually, we left Bouse on Wednesday the 16th and drove to Casa Grande, AZ and stayed at the Elks Club for 4 days. At $5 per day, water only, it is a good deal. However, it is noisy. Traffic noise and lots of trains all night long.

We had dinner at Clyda’s cousin Rod and wife Claralyn’s house on Wednesday. On Thursday we all went to Green Valley, South of Tucson. We visited the Robson retirement community and toured all the model homes. After a picnic lunch at a local park we toured a Titan II missile site. It is the only remaining Titan II site out of 45 original sites and was preserved as a tourist site.

During the early part of the tour the docent asked if anyone had worked at the site or on the equipment. I had, so I raised my hand. In the late 1970’s I briefly worked on the last upgrade of the launch hardware. In this launch control room was an equipment rack with our logo fixed to it.

The photo is of the Launch Control console and the logo is at the upper right.

A close up of the logo. Pretty neat!

On Friday we ran errands. Saturday we drove to see our friends Don and Lois in Sun Lakes, a retirement community South of Phoenix. We had a nice visit, lunch and dinner then played a game of cards called Golf. While we were there it got real windy and rained most of the afternoon. The temperature also dropped. By the time we drove home around 10 PM the wind and rain had quit.

Sunday morning was cloudy with a little wind. We departed Casa Grande about 10 AM and immediately ran into wind while driving towards Tucson. I drove most of the way without using the overdrive so my fuel mileage was poor. The wind did drop after we passed Tucson as we turned towards the east. However, after arriving at Cochise Terrace in Benson, the wind came back up and it is still gusting pretty well so the RV is rocking and rolling. The temperature is in the low 50’s but should improve this week. Night time temps will be around freezing however.