Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New orchid trellis.

I have been working on one of my many “Summer” projects. This one was to replace the shade trellis over Clyda's orchids. The old one was built with lumber I had on-hand and of course the termites loved it.

The new one is made with all pressure treated lumber which should last longer than I will.

The units are basically two 4x8 frames covered with nursery cloth and that is covered with 4x8 sheets of white plastic trellis. The trellis is needed as the racoons walk on top of the unit and fall through the nursery cloth if there is no support provided. The cloth is 6 feet wide so 2 feet of it hang down on the front to provide more shade.

Her are some photos.

 Posts set.
 Frames complete.
 Some termite damage!
 Completed project.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A short blog.

A short blog this morning.

A thunderstorm moved through about 6 AM and it has continued to rain this morning. The rain is really needed as the crops were suffering with the lack of.

My time here is winding down and it has been a busy one. I have met with most of the people on my list. Lunch today with a relative and then a visit to the Dorchester library.

Tomorrow morning I will check out and drive to my sisters for the last two days. Tomorrow is the surprise 25th wedding anniversary for my nephew Chris and his wife Ann. Sunday all of my sister's kids will be at her house for the day.

Monday morning I will drive to West Bend and briefly visit a cousin and drop off a family history pack to her. Then it is on to the Milwaukee airport and home.

It has been a busy but good trip.

Oh, here is a photo of my rental car, a Chevy Spark. Not much luggage space but adequate for my needs.