Sunday, December 20, 2015

Short updaate.

A month… has been a whole month again since I last posted!

Not much has been happening except for the usual getting ready for the holidays, shopping, putting up the outside lights, setting up the tree and decorating it.

Clyda came home on December 7th from Lynden, WA and spent time catching up with her friends here.

We have the usual parties and dinners to attend this month. It keeps us busy.

We both got new cell phones this week. My old Smart phone was giving me lots of problems so I updated to a new Samsung S6 while Clyda got her first Smart phone, a Samsung Core. She doesn't want all the Smart phone apps only email and texting.

It is always a learning curve with new phones but I think we managed fairly well.

I moved all the photos from Clyda's phone to a hard drive as she didn't want to lose them.

I have been trying to set up my old phone as a music player but still need an app to actually play the music. Still working on that.

We had a little rain, very little, this week with possibly more on the way. Unfortunately, all the showers are short lived and rapidly pass through our area. It's more like it is afraid to rain. I hope that changes soon.

Looking forward: I will go to Las Vegas after the first of the year to attend The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and then go down to Quartzsite, AZ for the swap meet as usual. No real plans after that.