Saturday, April 22, 2017

Things are still green but the temperature is rising.

I did get the batteries in the truck replaced a few days after I purchased them, It was not a big job but I was surprised to find sand under the batteries on the tray. This is from the wind storm we had back in October while camped in Panamint Valley. The sand obviously got into everywhere so I still find it when I move or change anything on the truck or RV.

I got the pole beans planted in the garden and they are breaking through the ground.

I have been putting down cardboard on the garden pathways to keep the weeds down and then covering them with bark. It makes nice paths. The cardboard and bark will eventually breakdown and supply future mulch to the garden. It is the lazy man’s way to garden and I am all about doing it the easy way.

We have had a small amount of rain in the past two weeks. Mostly less than a half inch each time. Every little bit helps but usually we get wind after the rain and the benefits of the rain are lost due to the wind.

I mentioned that temperatures were rising and the last two days are an example of that. Yesterday was around 90 degrees and today was over 80. I don’t think it will last however but day time highs for the next week will be around 75 degrees, Still nice enough for me.

Next week is dedicated to getting all my Rancheros equipment rounded up and checked out. The propane stove and BBQ need checking and I am trying to decide if I need my neighbors camp stove out of his old RV. I have borrowed it for the last two years and it is useful but also more equipment to take along as I need an extra propane tank to use with it. Still deciding on that. Using it does give me more options for cooking.

May will be a busy month for us. After I am through with the Rancheros we are camping with a few friends for several more days. As long as the RV is out of the yard we might as well use it. We get home around the middle of the month then fly to Houston to attend our grandson’s High School graduation. Hard to believe that much time has passed. We will return after Memorial Day.

A flower from our yard. It is a Monkey Paw. I have never seen one this big.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It is getting close to that time of year.

Yes it is. Time for me to start getting things together for the annual ride of Rancheros Visitadores. This year it happens on May 1st for me when I go over the mountain to mow the spot where we park our RV’s and work for the next 10 days.

I have been working on possible menus based on a food list I turned in a few weeks ago. I only have 3 of us to cook for but I still need to do some planning to make it all work.

I also need to replace the batteries in my truck. Two are required because it is a diesel. The last time I had the truck serviced they cautioned me that the batteries at 7 years old were beginning to fail. The last thing I want is to have dead batteries while on the road.
I purchased two new batteries at Costco today for $99 each and gulped at the price but spread over 7 years I guess that’s not to bad.

So what else have I been doing you might ask? Well, I am still pulling weeds but not everyday as I am down to a few small areas in the yard. However, the ground is starting to dry out so the weeds are harder to pull but I need to get them out before they go to seed. Why don’t I just use a weed killer like Roundup you might ask? Well, I have a lot of small lizards running around the yard and I don’t want to kill them so I pull the weeds.

I also planted a small garden area. Even with our water shortage I decided that a few fresh vegetables are worth the extra water. I planted zucchini, yellow squash, a couple of tomato plants and cucumbers. Yet to be planted are some pole beans. We love fresh beans.

My boysenberries are starting to bloom so I have lots of bees working the blossoms right now. Hopefully we will get a nice crop of berries. Clyda makes jelly and syrup from what we get and maybe a few cobblers also.

Clyda is still doing physical therapy at least one day a week at the clinic plus walking and lots of exercises at home. She is doing well. Time will help complete the her healing.