Saturday, February 12, 2011

Location, Bouse, AZ

We did another ATV trip yesterday. It was not nearly as cold when we left around 9:30 AM as it was a week or so ago. This trip was 43 miles total and covered a large area East of Bouse. There are a lot of large Ironwood trees along the washes. Some of the dead ones have fantastic shapes.

The weather has really moderated from a week ago. Today it is sunny, with a light breeze and 74 degrees.

There is a large flock of quail which feed here on the lot. They are so funny to watch as they move at a high rate of speed from one place to another. There are also bunches of house finches which hang around as well as humming birds.

 have been trying to diagnose a problem with my exhaust brake on the truck. I finally located the Computer Brake Controller module under the dash and wiggled a few wires and lo and behold, it now works. I still think I have a problem with one of the T-taps that were installed on the existing Ford wiring harness. The problem is to get it to quit so I can find the problem. It is a slow process.