Sunday, November 20, 2011

Water every where.

Location, at Home, CA

We woke up to rain this morning. Actually it was quite a downpour when I left for church at 7:10 AM. The gutters were running full but the streets were not too bad. I checked the rain gauge a little while ago and it showed almost 1 ¾ inch so far.

There has been a bad odor in the car when I drove it Friday so last evening I started to investigate. I pulled everything out of the back compartment and then removed the spare tire cover. There was water in the bottom of the well the spare lies in. The cushion the spare lays on is made of old rags and it was soaked. That is where the smell was coming from. I pulled everything out and dried out about a quart of water. I hung the cushion over a bar to drip. It needs to lie in the sun, whenever that comes out, to dry completely.

With all the rain we had this morning I thought there would be water in the spare tire well but so far there isn’t any. Tomorrow we will run a hose over the back and see if it gets wet.

I also had water in one of the side compartments in the RV again. I had replaced the seal but I guess I need to take another look at that. Bummer.

We will be gone over Thanksgiving so I doubt if I will blog.