Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lots of wind and computer frustration.

Location, at Home, CA

The wind finally caught us here last night. About 9 PM I heard leaves from the backyard tree swirling around on the metal patio roof. It sounded a lot like rain.

I heard something crash to the ground and found a broken 4 foot fluorescent bulb by the wood shed. It blew off the roof where Craig had stored it. The wind blew all night but no real damage had been done. Leaves from the trees swirl in a heap by the sliding door on the patio. It makes them easier to pick up. For the most part the wind died by mid-morning.

It was a most frustrating day. Some of the problems I think were wind related. The computer was slow, the cell phone didn’t make all of its connections, and I can’t get my new DVD/CD player to read a disk. Frustrating!

I am trying to get my old XP desktop unit cleaned up so it will operate a little faster. I want to use it to transfer my old record collection to MP3 files. I bought a turntable with the right outputs to do that while in the Bay area last week. I got the unit for about $45 so think I have a bargain. The records will be played at standard speed so it will take some time to do all the recordings.

I have a list of fall things that need to be done so I better start to tackle them soon. None of them are major but all need to be done.

A few trees need pruning, plants need to be fertilized, asparagus needs to be cut back and fertilized, and the compost bins need to be emptied.

Things like this I look forward to less and less each year.