Friday, June 15, 2012

Solar water heat saga.

Location, at Home, CA

The saga of the solar water system goes on.

We ran into a problem with very little hot water coming out of the faucets even if we let the water run for a long time. This of course has caused some consternation among the household members.

After reviewing it for a few days it was decided by the plumber to temporarily add a thermometer to a few of the lines to monitor temperatures over a 24 hour period.

Did I mention that we have a recirculating line to the back of the house (i.e., the bathroom core)? This was installed so that we would have instant hot water for the bathrooms.

The plumber decided to close off the recirculating line while the temperature test was running.

Well, guess what? The water is now hot in all faucets; it just takes time to get hot.

The explanation lies in how the recirculating line is now working when turned on. It seems that the water for the recirculating line is being drawn from the bottom of the water heater tank instead of from the top hot water line.

A fix would be to add a one way valve in the recirculating line to prevent this from happening.

I have called the Solar Company but so far they have not returned my calls. Then again, I haven’t paid them the final payment either.