Wednesday, January 23, 2013

End to Las Vegas trip not as planned.

Location, at Home, CA

My trip to Las Vegas didn’t end as I had planned.

On Sunday Jan 13 we had planned to fuel our vehicles and buy groceries for our trek to Quartzsite. However, I woke up Sunday morning feeling light headed and dizzy. This continued throughout the day and I was only able to remain on my feet about 30 sec before I needed to sit or lay down.

In midafternoon I called Jeff to come and disconnect my water hose so it wouldn’t freeze overnight. He saw that I was not doing well and the result was the paramedics came and hauled me off to the nearest hospital which was North Vista in North Las Vegas.

I remained in the emergency room for 12 hours before a bed was available at 2:30 in the morning. A test showed I was bleeding internally. I had a CT scan that night, an Endoscopy the next morning, an electrocardiogram and a colonoscopy on Tuesday. All were normal. Later on Tuesday afternoon my blood count was low so I was given a unit of blood and later the count was again taken and showed normal. I was discharged just before 10 PM.

I actually spent a fairly restful night on Tuesday and the next morning I decided I would drive home with the RV. I filled the truck with fuel and got the rig ready to travel. When I was ready, I walked over to my friend Dick’s RV and he asked me to change my mind about driving. By then I realized I would not be able to drive so wheels had already been put in motion by Dick to have Jack drive up from Bouse, AZ and drive my RV down there on Thursday.

John and Connie drove Jack to Las Vegas and returned to Bouse all on Wednesday, an 8 hour round trip.

On Thursday we made an uneventful trip to Bouse while Clyda drove from home with the car to Bouse.

We decided to wait until Saturday to drive home with the car because of traffic on MLK weekend. It was almost as bad on Saturday. It is a seven and a half hour drive and Clyda did all the driving.

On Monday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor which included lab tests. All of the test came back normal or near normal. My doctor suggested I go back to Arizona and get on with life.

So, on Saturday we will fly to Phoenix and Jack and Judy will pick us up in Goodyear.

We plan to go to Casa Grande and attend the gourd festival on Feb 1-3. After that, we have no plans but will spend some more time in Arizona.

How do you put into words all the thanks to everyone who went out of their way to help me? All the guys who went to CES in Las Vegas and stayed an extra two days while I was in the hospital. They also made the arrangements for Jack to drive my RV to Bouse.

To Dick, Clint, and Jeff for changing their plans and hanging around. To John and Connie for the eight hour round trip to Las Vegas to bring Jack to drive my RV. To Jack and Judy for letting me once again recuperate at their Bouse abode. It’s becoming a habit.

To all of them, thank you.