Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little progress on the RV projects this week.

Location, At Home.

Very little progress on the RV repairs this week.

I tried to find where the leak from the kitchen holding tank occurred but had little luck with that. I figured the best way to tackle that problem was to add water to the tank using the faucet in the kitchen sink as I had plenty of water in the tank according to the tank level indicator. However, when I turned the pump on I got little water and the pump acted like it was sucking air. Adding more water to the tank allowed the pump to work, sort of.

Looking on-line for trouble shooting hints I tried a few of the possible fixes. One was to open the filter/strainer at the pump inlet and clean it and to lube the rubber O-ring with silicon seal to make sure there were no leaks. Still no pumping action so eventually I pulled the pump and tested it out of the RV using a battery to supply 12 volts and a hose stuck in a pail of water for the inlet side, The outlet side used a piece of hose with a shut off valve to simulate the real set up in the RV.

It appears that filter/strainer is allowing air into the system. Removing the filter and all is ok. The next step will be to reinstall the pump sans filet back in the RV and see if that works as well. That is tomorrow’s job.

The original problem of the leak is still a mystery as I now have plenty of water in the sink grey water tank but no leak. Go figure.

We have had beautiful weather this week. Temps have been in the 80’s or above which makes for warm days but great evenings. We are so used to the cool sea breeze’s each evening that it is a pleasure to have it a little warmer. Our house gets a little warmer since the large tree in the backyard is gone but we can live with that.

Craig’s garden has started produce. We have had zucchini and yellow squash so far. Cucumbers are close behind.