Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home from Kauai.

Location, At Home

We returned home from Kauai last Sunday after flying a “red eye” flight which left Kauai at 9 PM on Saturday.

It is our least favorite way to fly but it saves us from flying to Honolulu from Kauai to get a flight back to Los Angeles.

Killing time at the Marriott before our flight.

The car got a smog check this week so that is done for a few years.

On Thursday, Gary and Cindy, our Kauai hosts arrived in town for a wedding this evening. We all had dinner with Don and Bev to celebrate Don’s 65th birthday. Yesterday we all went to the “Funk Zone” to wine taste and get lunch. The “Funk Zone” was once the home of small business, artsy shops, and even a few homes. Now it is home to restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, a brewery, and other small businesses. We tasted wine at an established winery which has been there for almost 50 years. We picked up lunch to go and ate it at the wineries outdoor seating area.

Last night Clyda made HuliHuli chicken and she created a Luau at Don and Bev’s house.

Unfortunately, no one thought to bring a camera so no photos.

On the tech front, I am trying to find a replacement battery for my ACER Netbook computer. On line searches just left me confused. My battery is rated at 10.8volts while most matching batteries on line are rated at 11.1 volt. I am not sure it matters as there is a voltage regulator built into the computer. More research required.