Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Bye Death Valley!

Location, At Home

Good Bye Death Valley until next year.

I had a great trip to the desert this year. I left home on Saturday morning the 18th of October and met 2 of my fellow travelers at the Boron Rest Area East of Mojave. We drove to Boron for lunch at Domingo’s, a great Mexican restaurant and then on to Baker, CA where we camped back of the Mad Greek restaurant overnight. The fourth member of our group joined us there.

On Sunday we drove to a BLM area near Tecopa, CA where we circled the wagons in our usual spot. Later we drove to China Ranch which is in a canyon South of Tecopa. They raise dates and have great date shakes which we all partook of.

While at the BLM area we did day trips and hikes into the southern end of Death Valley. We did a hike into a canyon which is called Kaleidoscope Canyon by others who have visited it. It really is a stunning canyon of contrasting colors.

 Rhoads cabin, one of many such miners cabins in Death Valley
 Coyote looking for a handout.

After a week we moved to Furnace Creek in Death Valley for the remainder of our trip. Here again we did 4x4 trips and hikes the entire time we were there. I was a great trip and very rewarding in that we saw things we had only heard of and found out information which will be put to use for next year. Speaking of which, we already have our pre-trip schedule to Tecopa already planned.

Skull rock.
 Miners signature on a rock.
 A "slot" canyon.

A herd of 21 Big Horn sheep. Largest herd I have ever seen in Death Valley.
 Herd Ram standing guard.