Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting ready for the annual Ranchero Visitadores ride.

The yard is looking much better after lots of weed pulling, pruning, and general cleanup.

My large to-do list for the RV is also looking better. All of the major items have been taken care of but that still leaves 15 items or half of the list remaining to be done. These remaining items will need to wait until I am done with Rancheros which starts on Tuesday for me. After all, I will have all summer to work on them while Clyda rehabs from her knee replacement in May.

The biggest item on the RV was getting the peeling wax on the front and back caps removed. This is just elbow grease and time. All of it from the top of a ladder. I then waited for a cloudy day to put the new wax on.

The peeling is caused by the suns ultraviolet rays and could be taken care of by a cover. I can't use a real RV cover as it is too heavy for me to haul up the rear ladder. I may try something else as a cover.

Tomorrow morning I will go over the mountain and mow all the grass in the area we park our RV's and which will be our home for 10 days. I do this because of the “fox tails” which get into everything if they aren't mowed. I also remove all the “cow pies” or at least as much as I can remove from the cattle who for some reason like to spend lots of time right where we need to park our RV's. I guess they like the large oak trees in the area for the shade.

On Tuesday afternoon I will drive over the hill and start setting up the camp. There are a few days of not much activity before everyone arrives and we are then going full tilt for a week.

I took a few photos of some flowers Clyda had as a bouquet on the kitchen island.