Monday, April 25, 2016

Very windy days.

Fresh eggs.

Son Craig takes care of a friends chickens when the friend is away from his house. We reap the benefit of that by having a nice supply of organic eggs. By the color I imagine the chickens are of all colors. The size of the eggs vary also so some must be smaller than the others. It makes no difference as they all taste good. Did I say free!

Not much of interest going on here. What we need most is rain but I guess that is done for this year. Bummer!

We have been working in the yard as usual. Always weeds to pull. I did put the cover on the gazebo on our back patio. I hope it lasts for one more summer.

I am working through my list of to-do items for the RV in preparation for the 10 days I am at Ranchero Visitadores starting a week from tomorrow. I have my menus planned, my food list made, and equipment list updated.

I have checked all the wheel bearings and added some new grease to all 4 wheels. The batteries have been checked and are good to go. I flushed the water heater and replaced the sacrificial anode. The water tank is full and I have started to put a few items in the RV as I come across them. Most things will need to wait until next week to load. I fill the RV and the truck to the max.

We have had wind for days now. Today was really bad. It really is drying out the hills fast. They had been so nice and green. It’s back to the golden hills of California I am afraid.