Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bathroom almost done

Location, At Home

Posting two days in a row is a record for me recently. Not much happened today. I caulked the baseboards in the bathroom after I pulled off the painting tape and cleaned the caulk around the tub. The only thing left to do is replace the escutcheons around the shower head piping and the water inlet line to the toilet. These things just seem to last only a few years before they corrode.

I made a trip to Home Depot for the escutcheons and also to check on cedar stain for the fence boards. Still no luck in finding water based stain like we used last time. There only seems to be oil based stains which have darkened over time and look dirty.

I want to post some pictures of flowers from our trip to Portland and one from our yard.

The first is a variegated blue hybrid iris which was in a parkway in front of a ladies house in Portland. She loved showing them to us. I have never seen one like this.

This is a “root beer” colored hybrid iris.

Beautiful red rhododendrons.

A Leonotis or lion’s tail in our back yard. This is a volunteer which has just taken over. I have two more in front of the house which haven’t done as well but in a fairness, the ground is rocky and mostly clay. When paired with purple sage plants they are most striking.

I want to thank our friend Debbie in Portland for the copy of Clyda and I at the beach a few years ago. I decided to use it to replace the photo in the blog.
Thanks Debbie, I hope you don't mind.