Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopping in Quartzsite

Location, Bouse, CA

Today was the last shopping day in Quartzsite for us. Jack and I went in this morning with a list of places to visit and check on things we needed. Many of the vending areas a vacant, especially the Main Event, which once was the biggest selling area in Quartzsite. We talked to the “sock man” who has been selling socks here as long as I have been coming. I always stop by to chat and find out what is happening in Quartzsite.

After lunch at Bad Boys restaurant we walked the remaining rows of Tyson Wells and Prospectors Panarama and picked up a few items. I found a couple of flags I didn’t have and a digital wall clock for the garage.

After buying produce and groceries we came home. Cocktail hour was on John and Connie’s nice deck.

It may rain tonight so I put the chairs and a few other things away after dinner. We will move from here to the BLM area several miles away tomorrow. Monday morning we leave for Casa Grande and on to Texas. Our friends Budd and Brenda will be joining us on Sunday and travel with us. There will be no update to the blog until maybe Monday or Tuesday.