Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Location, Bouse, CA

February already, my goodness, times does fly when you get older.

We have had very nice weather but still have a little wind which puts an edge to the warmth. In the sun out of the wind it is very nice. We had happy hour on John and Connie’s deck next door last night and a nice campfire in the barrel stove after dinner. A very pleasant evening.

I did the usual, dump the tanks, today plus a few other odds and ends required whenever you RV. We are gathering to watch the Super Bowl later today so defrosted some chicken beasts to marinate and BBQ on skewers later. We will do lots of snacks during the game.

In honor of the Arizona Cardinals being in the game we are all flying Arizona flags today. I took some pictures of that and will post one with today’s blog.

We are doing a little pre-planning for our trip to Houston later in the month. I always have a list of places to see on the way as well as a few unique places to eat. It makes the trip more enjoyable. The main reason we are going is for our grand daughter Ivy’s 8th birthday later in the month. We were in Houston for her birth and she asked us to come for her birthday this year. Who can turn down a cute 8 year olds request?

We have not had internet access since leaving home so now I am using Friend Judy’s laptop to post. I write the blog in Word on my laptop and transfer it and any photos to a thumb drive. I use Verizon’ webmail to do the actual posting. It is more involved but does work.