Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas lights are up.

Location, Home, CA

The Christmas lights on the front of the house went up on Wednesday and the tree went up on Friday although it wasn’t decorated until today. We had been holding off on the tree decorations as on half string of lights wasn’t working. The lights came with the tree so it is hard to trace them as they are tied onto the branches. I bought a light tracer today which did identify a few burned out bulbs but I suspect there are more with problems and I don’t have enough bulbs to replace them all. So I just put that side of the tree to the wall and problem solved.

All the neighbors have lights on the front of their houses which makes it look really nice as you come up the street. I have mine on a timer to come on at 5PM and go off at 10 PM. I should buy LED strings which would cut down on the power consumption but I only bought these lights a few years ago.

We went to the college men’s basketball game last night. They didn’t play very well and lost. The second game in a row they have lost.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow and most of next week so we are prepared for that. Craig has been covering things today in preparation for rain.