Sunday, May 23, 2010

Huatulco and Acapulco Mexico

Location, Home, CA
The wind has been blowing for days and as a consequence the temperature has drooped significantly. It is sunny but cool.

Last evening we had a neighborhood BBQ in the street. It was a good chance for everyone to get together socially. We also have some new neighbors and lots of little kids on the street now. It is like old times here but boy was it cold!!!

Now for the Mexican coast part of the cruise:

We left Costa Rico at 7 PM on May 7th with another full day at sea before we arrived in Huatulco (pronounced Wha-tool-co) Mexico. It is a new resort area being built on the west coast with the intent to make it another Cancun. It will be another 10 years before it is built out.

We arrived at 1 PM on Sunday May 9th. We had a tour scheduled shortly there after. Because the area is new, there is not a lot to see yet. There is a church and some shopping.

A beach resort from the ship.
We had to walk to the end of the dock to reach our tour bus.

A craftsman painting Oaxaca crafts.
Church ceiling.
The tour did include a stop at a restaurant where we were served a sample Mexican meal with a small tamale in a banana leaf, a sopa, and a tortilla, along with refried beans, mole negro, and a red sauce. They also gave us a choice of soda, water, or beer. It was all very good and a relief to get out of the sun and get some refreshment.
This rooster was directly behind the cook in the above photo.
Our group is at the closest table to the camera.
A nice view of the ship.

Back aboard ship we had a shower and got ready for dinner. The ship left port at 6 PM and headed for Acapulco with an arrival time of 9 AM on Monday May 10th.

We did not have a shore tour scheduled in Acapulco so we decided just to walk to town for shopping. Our first priority was to find a Farmacia (pharmacy) as Clyda needed some Amoxicillan as she had a sinus infection.
All the taxis are Volkwagon bugs.

A local attached himself to us as a guide and he did lead us to a Farmacia and helped negotiate a sale. We did some shopping in the local market place and then worked our way back to the ship.

Parked right at the Malecon