Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working on the RV.

Location, Home, CA

I am “pooped”. On Monday I replaced the shocks on the RV. Boy, did they need it! One had been hit by something and part of it was caved in. So much so, that it wouldn’t collapse at all. All of them had no “shock” left in them. I ordered replacements on-line and got good Monroe shocks. I think I had them all replaced in an hour.

On Tuesday I scrubbed the roof of the RV with a cleaner. The product said to use a mop and do a small square at a time and don’t let any run down the sides. Well, that didn’t work so I did my usual thing and scrubbed it with a soft bristle nylon brush and then mopped it using two buckets of water. The first to wring out the dirty mop water and the second as rinse water. I made many trips up and down the ladder as the water was always dirty. After that little chore I washed the RV.

On Wednesday I coated the roof with a protectorant. Again, it said to mop it on but I found that applying it with a sponge worked very well. I also started waxing the RV but didn’t get it done as the sun came out before I finished.

This morning I completed the waxing as well as a few other small chores on my list for the RV. There are still items to be done, the biggest of which is lubing the axels. I hate lifting those heavy tires. I also need to replace the oil seals this time.

The walls are now smooth if not shiny from the wax but the decals are really fading from the sun.

It is a shame to do all this work and not have any plans to go anywhere but that is life. After Clyda’s ankle surgery in a few weeks we will have a better idea about future travels.