Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Location, Home, CA

I have been remiss in posting to this blog lately. We are still here and doing things. Mostly, I have been working on my RV list of projects. I am well along on installing the flat screen TV in place of the old set. When I complete that little project I will post a detailed account of the progress and the problems involved with that.

I have managed to wash all the vehicles in the last week or so and wax all but the truck. I may tackle that tomorrow. It really needs it.

We did make a trip last Monday to Lompoc to visit Wal-Mart. Clyda needed to purchase some material for a new blanket she wants to start. She actually was very successful in finding what she wanted. I bought a few items but couldn’t find what I actually went for. I am looking for a 12 volt cigarette lighter type jack to install in the RV so I can plug in an inverter. I can find some that are made to be installed in thin wall metal but mine must go through about a half inch of wood. Therefore it must have a set of threads on the body with a nut to tighten it in the hole. I guess I will keep looking but I am running out of places to look locally. Maybe I’ll try the internet.

We finished off our trip with lunch at Sissy’s in downtown Lompoc. It is a small place but has really good fresh food. We both had club sandwiches which were excellent. We finished it off by sharing a piece of cherry cobbler.