Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shame on me!!

Location, Home, CA

I noticed that it has been almost a week since I last posted. Shame on me!!!

Although I must say that little has happened here this week. I am still working on some projects in the RV. I did manage to find a way to secure the TV within the cabinet for travel. Basically I used a nylon tie down strap with two tie down points and two pieces of dense packing foam where the TV was close to parts of the cabinet. When pulled tight the strap secures the TV against the bookshelf behind it. I want to add some leather pads where the strap goes around the top and bottom of the TV screen so the strap doesn’t rub.

I am also working on a bar to keep the books on the shelf during travel. I am trying to find a way to keep the books in place with some kind of a bookend that squeezes the books if the shelf is only partially full.

I did replace the clearance lens covers on the RV as the original ones were almost white instead of orange as they should be. I found the lens covers in Quartzsite this year but the ones I bought didn’t fit my lights. So back to the shop where I did find complete light assemblies for $2.00 each. When I started to replace the fixtures the other day I for some reason decided to try the new lens on the old fixture. Well, guess what? The new lens fit my old lights. So, instead of several hours work it was a matter of minutes to replace all 6 lenses.

Here is what the before and after lens look like.
Saturday I spent part of the day following the son of a friend around the Golf course while he played in the SCGA amateur tournament nearby. It is a beautiful course but does have its hills. Today I again went back for the final day and walked the course. He was tied for 2nd place until the other fellow birdie number 18 to break the tie. Kevin placed third out of a hundred plus players. He has won this tournament several times in the past.

Tomorrow, Clyda has the hardware in her ankle removed. We don’t know what to expect for recover time but do know we need to be at the surgery center by 6:15 AM tomorrow. More on this later.