Friday, July 30, 2010

Still here, just busy.

Location, Home, CA

No, I haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth. I have been busy as chief cook and bottle washer, laundress, floor scrubber, etc. Clyda is still on crutches and non weight bearing on her foot. The stitches came out this week so that is progress. The doctor liked the x-ray taken last week so just continue as before.

I have been working on some rain gutters for the wood shed. These are custom made out of galvanized steel u-channel normally used in steel building construction.

I plan to use the roof of the shed to collect rain water and direct it into 2 plastic barrels. The rain gutters will direct the water to a collection basin where debris will collect and the first run off will bypass the collection barrels. I found ideas for all this on the internet of course. I will have photos when it is done.