Sunday, January 9, 2011

Four days of CES.

Location, Las Vegas

Today was the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here in Las Vegas. After the first two days I wasn’t sure that I could survive the last two. Walking the floor with that Exhibit Hall Shuffle is hard on the hips and the feet. Frequent rest stops during the day and a couple of Aleve at the end of the day helped.

This is a huge show with 2400 vendors and about 140,00 or more attendee’s of which 30,000 are from overseas. If there was a theme this year it was Connectivity. Ways to connect all of our favorite phones, ipods, cars, and TV’s were demonstrated. Tablet computers, 3D-TV’s, smart appliances, medical services, senior services, and even electric/hybrid cars were demonstrated.

Several very large booths dominated some of the halls. Companies like LG Electronics, NBC-Universal, Verizon, Motorola, Microsoft, and Intel to name a few. NBC-Universal broadcast live shows for MSNBC, Bravo, and Oxygen.

I talked to an NBC intern who wanted me to do Karaoke for Oxygen. I declined. I assured him he didn’t want to hear me sing.

Hardball with Chris Matthews broadcast live from the NBC-Universal booth at the show.

If last years color was red. This year it was orange. Orange cars, orange badge hangers, orange bags, and even orange boots on some of the girls in one booth. There were orange display racks, orange packaging, orange counter tops, and orange give away’s. What’s with the color orange?

Just what every trunk needs. A TV and enough speaker power to raise the back wheels off the ground.

How about an amplifier to drive all those speakers. About 10,000 watts I would guess. It is 3 feet long so where do you store it?

How about a speaker that requires an engine hoist to lift it.

This is for you Jack. Think you can fit this setup on your 4-wheeler?
How about dressing up your mule with enough lights and spakers to scare every deer for miles around.

Not just one TV but three.

It was a great show with lots of miles walked.