Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's berry picking time!

Location, At Home, CA

It’s berry picking time! The boysenberries are getting ripe even though the weather hasn’t been that warm. Warm weather makes them POP and gives the biggest berries.

Although I must say, I have been surprised at how big the ripe ones have been so far. Some are as big as my thumb. Picking should last for about six weeks with the right weather.
I picked six baskets today.

These are washed, drained, and frozen on trays before I store them in freezer bags to be used later.
The weather right now is not that pleasant as we have lots of wind which should last through tomorrow. We also had some rain over the weekend and last night. A total of about .7 inch according to the rain gauge.

I had a dentist appointment this morning to have a new crown put in to replace the temporary from a few weeks ago. It seems like a good fit. I didn’t like the bill that came with it. I think the insurance only paid half. I’m glad it was a porcelain crown and not a gold crown with today’s gold prices.

I added some photos from my days at Rancheros to the last blog.