Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last minute items before I leave.

Location, at Home, CA

Well, time is slipping away. I have been working diligently this past week on the to-do list for the fall trip.

I leave Tuesday morning so that only leaves one day to finish up. I have several major items on my list for tomorrow that remain to be done.

The most vexing is the one tire on the RV which is not holding air. I set the air pressure at 80 PSI for each tire and expect a small amount of leakage over a few weeks. This tire however was at 45 lbs which is not good. I inflated it to 80 PSI yesterday and it was down to 77.5 this morning. I will check it tomorrow morning but suspect I need to remove it and have it checked at Big O in town. I really don’t want to leave with a bad tire and need to inflate it every day. That is a pain.

The other 2 major items are grocery shopping and a physical tomorrow afternoon. The physical is my annual so I need to get it done. The health carrier I have has been after me to get it.

I don’t know how much time I will have for the next week and a half to update this blog but I will try.