Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving forward.

Location, at Home, CA
I did buy a 1.5 TB hard drive as a backup for all my files. Actually, it is a backup to the backup as I have another drive I also use. Can’t have too many backups!
I am still working on plans for our annual fall trip. I think I now have all the facts together. We have had two drop out from our original bunch. It tends to happen every year. It is very hard to plan 6 or more months in advance with a large group of people.

We do have enough 4x4 vehicles this year so that is one less worry. We have three vehicles and only 7 people which makes it comfortable especially as most of the driving is off highway. A crowded vehicle is uncomfortable.
I washed the front and back of the RV today. The bugs really were stuck tight to the front. They were an accumulation from 6000 miles of driving. I also waxed the front but it is hard to tell I did anything. The gel-coat has lost its shine and wax doesn’t seem to bring it back. It just makes the surface smoother.