Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am seriously behind in blogging!

Location, Bouse, AZ

A quick synopsis of the last few weeks is in order. I made it through the last day of CES with no serious consequences and collected a bag full of give-a-ways to boot.

Dick, Jeff, and I stayed until Monday morning and then drove to Plamosa road north of Quartzsite for 10 days of camping in the desert.

My ex-neighbor Budd arrived on Wednesday. Clyda flew into Phoenix on Saturday where I picked her up.

We spent our days walking the aisles of the vender’s stalls looking for the odd and unique item. Not much made it back to the RV however.

Several people had left for home by last Saturday so we packed up and moved over the hill on Plamosa Road to Bouse and parked by our friends Jack and Judy.

It is always nice to stay here. They have water, electricity, and sewer. We also get 2 digital TV channels over the air. Luxury!

We have done one ATV ride. We rode to an area where Jack had seen some petroglyphs recently. There were many in the area but none were exceptional.

Today I dropped my truck off at the Ford dealer in Parker as the turn signals had stopped functioning. I hope they can fix it. Jack and I then drove out Shea Road towards Swansea to try to find a snake shaped Intaglio. We had an aerial picture and GPS coordinates which helped. Of course, the BLM also helped by putting a fence around the area.

An Intaglio is a figure scraped into the ground

The figure is close to 100 feet long but is very hard to photograph as it lies on a grey patch of ground.


All of the large rocks have been removed from the area and are scattered nearby as if they had been thrown to clear the playa for the Intaglio.