Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some thoughts on Kauai, HI.

Location, at Home, CA

I have had some thoughts on our visit to Kauai last week.

Kauai is called the “Garden Island” because it rains a lot and is lush and green. That certainly was true for this trip which also results in lots of waterfalls. Those were lacking when we first visited several years ago.

It can rain very hard in one area and 100 yards away be very dry. We used that knowledge on Sunday to drive to the west side of the island and visit Wiamea Canyon where the sun was shining.

Parking lots flood. Park on high ground.

Houses are built inside of old volcano vents. I wonder who finances those? Of course, the whole island is the remains of volcanos so where else would you build?

Nobody uses an umbrella. So you get wet. No one cares. If you carry an umbrella, you are from off island.

Chickens are everywhere. Don’t feed them. Remarkably few are killed by cars.

Swimming pools are not heated except by the sun. So go in the summer or fall for the best pool time and less rain.

Bring your own grocery bags as none are supplied by the stores. You just might end up carrying everything in your hands so bring a friend shopping.

Everything is recycled. Help by doing your part.

Don’t even think about bringing home a fancy plant or fruit. Everything is inspected by the Agriculture Department before you check your bags for your flight.

Airport facilities are minimal. Hopefully you are under a roof when it rains or there is no rain while you board your flight as there are no jetways.
Have a nice trip!