Thursday, July 19, 2012

Way too HOT!

Location, at Home, CA

A short note to bring things up to date.

It is HOT! At 8:30 PM it is still 85 degrees. While walking this morning a few gusts of wind came up and right behind it the temperature rose several degrees. By mid morning the humidity also rose making for a very unusual sticky day.

I am working under the fifth wheel trying to get the bottom covers back in place after removing most of them last week to check the hydraulic ram which moves the living room slide out. The final solution was to lube the slide rubber with silicone spray and to wax the walls of the slide outs to reduce friction.

I discovered this remedy by doing an on-line search for slide out problems which wonder of wonders gave me a manual of my exact hydraulic system. After all the lubing the slide works fine. Before the lubing it took both Craig and I pushing on the slide from inside while holding down the pump switch to get the slide to move.

Needless to say, the work is going slowly in this heat. I also have the problem of aligning all the holes so the self taping screws go in. The screws go through the bottom cover and into steel beams. Everything has to be just so to make it work.

I am in no hurry to get it done as we have no trips planned in the immediate future.

We are going to the Bay area on Sunday after church to visit friends both in Walnut Creek and El Dorado hills. We also are stopping in Folsom to pck up a couple of cases of Bor-Do-Lay sauce for marinating. It is the best for meats going on the grill.