Monday, August 6, 2012

This and that.

Location, at Home, CA

Our trip to the Bay area was great. Always nice to spend time with friends. In total we traveled 860 miles round trip.

I did get the bottom back on the RV and sealed up all the places where mice might get in. Time will tell if that is successful. The next big job is to clean the rubber roof. I started that today by washing the edges from a ladder. It really is too hot to do the roof right now. I should wait for a foggy morning.

We of course have been watching the Olympics every day and night until 11:30 or so. It becomes addictive.

Last night I also watched the Mars landing on my Netbook while watching the Olympics. What a great achievement! There should be some spectacular pictures coming.

I am still picking zucchini and pole beans although I think they are coming to an end.

I dug up one row of boysenberries this week. So now I am down to one row of berries. It should still be enough for us.

Clyda’s sister Candi is coming to visit on Wednesday. She will stay for 2 weeks. We have a nephew getting married while she is here so will attend that wedding in a few weeks.