Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working with Picasa.

Location, at Home, CA

On Monday I took the truck in for the smog test. It only took about a half hour to complete the test and cost $72.

Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon who did my gall bladder surgery. I was in his office all of 2 minutes. He looked at my scars and pronounced me “good to go” with no restrictions.

So with that behind me I came home and started moving some dirt Craig had piled up in the back yard. I just wanted to get that one area cleaned up. I still have more to do in the area and will slowly peck away at it.

Today we had the carpets cleaned in the house as well as the carpet in the RV. All of them needed to be cleaned especially where the dog lays. Even though we have a rug for her to lie on in her favorite spot between the living and dining room she doesn’t always stay on it. Consequently, that area was the dirtiest.

Recently, Clyda had a bunch of photos printed for her scrap book and some she wanted to use as greeting cards, however, the colors were just not correct. Using some hints I picked up on a couple of RV blogs I played with each photo in Picasa, Googles free photo software. I straightened, sharpened, and color balanced all the photos then took them to Costco for printing. At Costco I used their software to select which area of each photo I wanted printed and declined to use their “color correction” software. The results were much improved over the first prints. It took me most of the morning to correct 20 photos but now that I have done it I believe I can whip through most photos fairly quickly.

Photo before enhancement.
Photo after straighening, sharpening, and color balancing.

Some of the changes are subtle but they all improve the quality of the photo.