Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's raining!

Location, at Home, CA

It’s raining here in Sunny Southern California!

Overnight there is 1.3 inches in our rain gauge. The timing is perfect as I had spread mulch over all the flower beds and fruit trees earlier this week. A neighbor down the street had 2 dump trucks of mulch dropped in his driveway which was way more than he could use. A “Free Mulch” sign on the pile caught my attention so I persuaded Craig and a friend to help me load a pickup bed full.

I could have used a little more but the neighbors also saw the sign and the pile rapidly disappeared.

I went to lunch yesterday with a couple of friends. It was good Mexican food but too much as usual. I had a plate of Tacos Baja with battered fish in the tacos with a chipotle slaw, a small salad, and rice. Very good! The food lines were long all during the lunch hour. Clyda had gone out to lunch also so neither of us wanted dinner last night. We had popcorn later instead.

I have had an electrical problem in the kitchen dating from the remodel in 2005. If a vacuum cleaner is plugged into a certain outlet and the refrigerator is running, the GFCI outlet pops and the refrigerator stops working. I looked back at my original wiring diagram and wondered why I ever wired it that way. I guess it seemed logical at the time.
 This is the junction box I need to get to. I took this photo during construction just for times like this.

This morning I checked the wiring again and determined that I can fix it but it requires a trip to the attic to move a wire from one point over to a junction box. This sounds easy but in reality is not as the attic has a layer of loose insulation covering this area. I need to first find the wire and then determine if the junction box has room for another wire in it. I don’t want to do this while it is raining as I need to get out my ladder, gather all my tools, etc. Just an excuse I guess.