Monday, December 10, 2012

Updating the blog.

Location, at Home, CA

I am way behind in my blogging as usual lately.

We spent a long weekend in Walnut Creek with Cindy and Gary over Thanksgiving. They invite us every year and we are grateful for that.

The ladies shopped on “Black Friday” while the guys watched football. On Saturday we drove to Oakland and took the ferry to Fisherman’s Wharf where we took a boat tour of the bay which included passing under both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. The weather was perfect for a boat ride.

Cindy, Gary, Clyda, and I on boat tour of San Francisco Bay.
Under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Crowds on Pier 39

On Sunday we drove to Napa and sampled champagne at Mumm Cellars and walked around St Helena. Again the weather was perfect. We drove home on Monday without all the traffic hassles of a holiday weekend to contend with.

Champagne tasting at Mumm Cellars.

We made a quick trip to Houston over the weekend of December 1st to celebrate our anniversary with the grandkids. They weren’t able to be here for our actual celebration in October and we felt it was important that they celebrate with us.

We all went to dinner on Saturday evening which turned out to be just great. We were so pleased to have Matthew and Ivy, Tim and Diane, and Bill and Marilyn (Diane’s parents) all enjoy the great meal. We felt it was important for Matthew and Ivy to celebrate with two sets of grandparents who have both celebrated 50 years of marriage.

After dinner with family in Houston.

Both our flights going and coming from Houston were fine. Both were on regional jets but not uncomfortable. We did have a few hours wait in Los Angeles on the way home but spent the time reading and people watching.

We spent a day with our niece Chelsea and the twins. I can’t call them babies anymore as they will be 2 years old in a few days and are perpetual moving bodies. A couple of hours chasing them and we are wore out.

Braedon and his apple.

I am starting to get things together for our upcoming trip in January. The trailer badly needs a good washing. Maybe tomorrow I can start on that.

I’m afraid that Christmas this year will be mostly an on-line thing. Easier to do than real shopping anyway.