Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby, its cold!

Location, at Home, CA

Dang! It’s cold outside!

It really was cold when I walked at 7 AM this morning. There was very little frost because of the low humidity but I did notice a pickup truck with some leftover rain water in the bed with a skim of ice on the water.

As I got to the back stretch of my walk I heard the wind machines in the lemon and orange orchards running. It sounds like a squadron of helicopters being warmed up for a flight.

Even with the low temps, we can’t complain too much. We have no snow and the temps do moderate during the day. It is warm in the sun but very cool in the shade. Usually these cold spells dissipate after a few days and we go back to our normal temperatures with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s.

I think the majority of the Christmas shopping is done around here except for last minute things. Clyda is making tamales tomorrow and has the pork filing cooking in a slow cooker, the prepared masa ready, and the corn husks ready to soak. She has a steamer with a basket in it to do the proper cooking which takes an hour.

Along with the good comes some bad as in, the wash machine has issues with the spin cycle, the dryer timer won’t go all the way to off by itself. The buzzer sounds when the cloths are dry but the drum keeps turning. I tried to start the lawn mower this afternoon (a job Craig usually does) but no go. It is just plain wore out I guess. I foresee some cash out lays in the New Year.

We had some legal work done today and one of the requirements was a networth statement. Doing one forces you to take a hard look at what your assets are and what they are worth. It can be a real eye opener.

I have been slowly looking at what needs to go in the RV for my upcoming trip after the New Year. As I think of things I put them in and mark them off on a check sheet I keep. Without that check sheet I would be lost. 

I really need to wash the rig but it is too cold to do an adequate job at this time. Maybe next week. Ha-ha. I looked into having it done while in Las Vegas but the mobile units there want $125 and up to do the job. Besides, I doubt if the RV park will allow it.

 The stockings are hung by the chimney with care!