Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching up.

Location, Home, CA

My gate guard job is done for another year. Everything went as planned with the exception of wind which lasted for several days. The wind and the very dry conditions this year meant that we had few night campfires. What we did have was built in an old wash machine tub. I still have a load of fire wood in the back of my truck which never got burned.
 All setup to work the gate.

After we broke camp on Friday morning I drove to Lake Cachuma and parked at the RV Park for 3 days. Clyda had a friend drive her up. I had plenty of leftover food so we invited two other couples for hamburgers on Sunday.

On Saturday we drove to Buellton and toured the Mendenhall Museum which is described at a museum of Petrolina or gas related items. Jack Mendenhall was a local car racing buff. The museum had things like old gas pumps and the glass tops from old pumps. Also porcelain signs from gas stations, road signs, and many more signs. Lots of drag racing and speed racing memorabilia. Room after room full including all the walls and ceilings. We spent over 2 hours viewing it all.

 A sample of signs in the museum. That's me leaning over the bar.
 Signs outside.

 Restored old gas pumps.

While I was at Rancheros, a crew cut down our very large Chinese Elm tree in the back yard and ground out the stump. This tree was planted when we first moved here in 1966 and had gotten so large it needed to go. The roots were going under our house slab. It sure is bare in our back yard! 
 Tree before they started cutting.

 Last large piece is down.

Only sawdust left of the stump.

On Monday after we got home I washed the RV 5 times. It was part of a cleaning process prior to waxing it. Tuesday we were busy so Wednesday morning I wiped down the RV as we had wind the day before so there was a light coating of dust on part of the rig. I then started waxing with a liquid wax which goes on easy with no buffing. Four coats later it really shines. Because the RV is so tall I needed to use the ladder to do most of the cleaning and waxing and boy was I tired by the end of the day.

Look at that shine!

This morning I washed both the car and the truck. The truck especially was filthy from all the dust at Rancheros.

On Sunday we leave for a combined round trip cruise and Amtrak trip to Canada and return. We are looking forward to it.