Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picles and a PC update.

Location, At Home.

Another canning day.

We are still getting produce from the garden. Today we made another batch of pickle relish. The first batch we made was soooo good that we may even make another batch if we have the cucumbers. I eat it on chips or crackers, it is that good!

We also blanched and froze another bunch of green beans. Those don’t take long to do and we store them in gallon zip bags in the freezer.

I managed to get the truck washed today. It really needed it. Poor old truck just sits these days. It is going in Monday to see if the noise I heard can be found. I hate to take it on the road with the RV until I know for sure what the noise is.

In my last post I mentioned the Windows 7 PC I was working on. I finally gave it up and installed Ubuntu in place of Windows 7. It was a painless install and I have not had one problem with it. My neighbor Paul talked me through it. I have it set up near my Windows 7 desktop and it is fun to work them both at the same time.

I now need to get rid of my Windows XP machine which has two hard drives installed with an old version of Ubuntu on one drive and XP on the other. Windows XP support ends in April so any PC running XP will be subject to viruses and any other problems hackers can dream up.