Thursday, November 21, 2013

A busy week.

Location, At Home

A busy week here at home…..

On Wednesday Clyda had “revision” surgery on her 2004 knee replacement. The plastic plate on which the knee joint rests and rotates was worn and deteriorating to the point the knee became unstable. The “revision” surgery replaced the plastic plate with a lifetime unit which was also thicker thus providing less movement in the joint. Clyda should feel more stable as she walks.

The surgery went well and with the use of a “nerve block” in her leg she had no pain for a day and a half. She was released on Friday and is doing very well. She uses a walker to get around but in truth, could get by with a cane. She has Physical Therapy here at home provided by Visiting Nurses.

Meanwhile, I have been cleaning up the RV. I have all the sinks, shower and bathroom cleaned, carpets vacuumed, and all the provisions removed. As usual, I have a few items which need fixing. Some of those have been done already but the biggest item is to try and get a vent line from the bathroom sink out to the vent stack from the shower. At present there is an auto vent under the bathroom sink which allows the sink to drain properly but also allows gas from the grey water tank to vent back under the sink.

The main obstacle to adding a vent line is the AC channel running fore and aft between the ceiling and the exterior roof. If I can find a work around, adding the vent line would be beneficial. I am trying to do this without putting another hole in the roof.