Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas tasks winding down.

Location, At Home

The majority of the Christmas shopping is done. Packages have been mailed and received.

We will make tamales tomorrow. The pork is cooking in the crock pot today. It is a labor intensive job but they do taste good when we are done.

My root canal turned out just fine. I had 2 sessions with the endodontist for the root canal part. He managed to save the tooth. Later I went to my regular dentist to have the cap re-plugged where it had been drilled through for the root canal. I really had no pain through this whole process and feel very fortunate to have the tooth saved.

We will spend Christmas day with our niece Chelsea and family. I will cook a turkey the day before on the Weber kettle as usual for our Christmas dinner.

This spring we had the large Chinese Elm tree removed from our backyard. At the time the stump was also ground out. That process took two sessions with the grinder but in reality, a lot of large roots remained in the ground. Craig has been chopping, digging, and sawing more of the roots over the summer and fall as he feels like working on it.

He screened all the ground and removed rocks and more roots. A soil amendment was added and a ficus tree that has sat in a pot on our patio for years is now planted.

Chinese Elm


 I am sure this tree will also grow fairly large in the spot but by then I will be too old to care.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who may read this.