Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End of an era.

Location, At home, CA

It is indeed an end of an era.

My mother passed away on March 6th. She would have been 98 years old on March 30th. She had been doing quite well but the last few weeks found her on Hospice care at the retirement home.  She had quit eating and that in itself signals the end. She was in no discomfort and passed with her children at her side (except for me).

I made hurried travel arrangements to Central Wisconsin for Saturday as the funeral was scheduled for Monday morning. There were a few hiccups in the travel as I missed my flight out of Chicago so had to stay in a hotel arranged by the airline until Sunday afternoon.

Monday was nice and warm at 53 degrees so no freezing weather to put up with at the cemetery. There were about 100 family and friends at the church for the funeral mass and about 75 for lunch afterward.

On Tuesday my sister Judy and brother Ray met at Judy’s house and got all the cards and thank you’s arranged. On Friday they and my brother Dennis met at my hotel and went over the final details of closing out an era.

I returned home on Friday about midnight.