Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sort of a lost week.

Location, At home, CA

Sort of a lost week.

Not much got done this week. Just a few odd jobs around the yard and house and a few more in the RV. I did scrub the shower and sinks and dump the tanks last Sunday and vacuumed then vacuumed the floor.

During the week I replaced the stove vent on the outside of the RV. The old one was yellowed and partially broken. I had picked up a new one in Quartzsite for $7.95. Before installing it I painted it white with plastic paint which comes in a spray can. I also had to replace all the old caulking which required some ingenuity on my part. I had caulking but it was old and in lumps. I put it out in the sun for a while to soften it then rolled it out into long rolls like Play Dough. I need it to be thin strips so I flattened the rolls with a wine bottle to the required thickness then cut narrow strips with a knife. This worked well. After installing the vent I caulked around it so no water can penetrate the wall.

I also moved some of our larger ice chests from the garage to shelves in the outside shed to make room for a few more items in the garage. I am trying to get all our food preparation equipment (which is seldom used) in one place.

Today I finally tackled the problem of excess computers. I removed the hard drives from my old XP machine which has just been sitting there for 2 years or more in preparation for taking it to the recycler. I am hanging on to my old Dell XP laptop for the foreseeable future as I use it to run my slide copier. I also got rid of some extra card board boxes I have been hanging on to.

Not a biggy but progress never the less.