Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update for this past week.

Location, At home, CA

The wind was still blowing out of the west when I left Boron at 7 AM last Saturday but it was not gusting so I took my time and didn’t push it. There was little traffic at that hour so no long line of vehicles behind me to worry about.

After fueling in Mojave I drove to I-5 on Hwy 138 again against the wind. I stopped near I-5 to have breakfast before I started down the Grapevine to Hwy 126. A short stop in Fillmore and I headed towards home arriving about noon.

I have spent the last week unloading the RV, vacuuming and dumping tanks. I think I am ready for the next trip.

I finally downloaded some photos I took on the last ATV ride. These have been on my cell phone as I forgot to take my camera with me. It is too bad I didn’t get photos of us crossing the water holes in the Bill Williams River. Our ATV’s looked more like amphibious vehicles than ATV’s.

The Venice (known as Venus) McDuffies cabin.

Cabin history.
A gaggle of ATV's.

 The McDuffie cabin was located at a deadend road with no way out except to back track all the way we had traveled. We had hoped to go on through and make a circle route for the day. As it turned out, we traveled about 70 miles all told. Quit a long trip and by far the longest I have done on an ATV.