Friday, February 7, 2014

Heading home.

Location, Boron, CA

Headed home.

I am on my way home after 12 days at Jack and Judy’s winter residence near Bouse, AZ. I am breaking my trip up into 3 legs which should put me home on Saturday in the early afternoon.

I spent last night in Needles, CA at the Elks Club. They have 6 pull through sites with water and electricity. By stopping there I could drive across the Colorado River to the Arizona side and buy diesel much cheaper than in CA although not as cheap as in Quartzsite. I paid $4.24 in Mohave Valley just over the bridge from Needles while fuel in Needles was $4.69. Fuel in Quartzsite was $3.84.
I will fuel up in Mojave tomorrow.

I arrived here in Boron about 12:30 PM after driving in wind for the last 40 miles. I am glad to be off the road as we are having gusts to 45 MPH now. The rig is rocking and rolling as I write this.

My plan is to get up early and hit the road hopefully before the wind comes up.

On Wednesday we had a final (for me) ATV ride. After trailering the ATV’s about 20 miles, we road to the Bill Williams River past the ghost town of Swansea and further on to a deserted cabin. We had to ford the river in 3 spots to continue the ride. None of us got our feet wet but we did all put our feet on the front fenders to stay out of the water.

At one point we were within sight of Alamo Lake which is a long way east of our starting point. Unfortunately, we could find no way to complete a loop ride and decided to back track the same way we had come. Jack did add a few new routes on the way back which added interest.

In all we rode 70 miles which is the longest I have ever ridden. I woke up yesterday morning with my hands twitching from holding on to the handle bars tightly all day. We all had similar problems.

After packing the trailer and getting everything ready to roll I stopped by Bill and Karen’s, and Gary and Norma’s to say goodbye. I also said goodbye to John and Connie and finally to Jack and Judy. I owe them a debt beyond measure for allowing me to stay at their River Front Campsite (private joke) for those 12 days.