Thursday, May 15, 2014


Location, At home, CA

It is HOT!!!! We have had temperatures in the high 90’s for the past three days. It is supposed to moderate tomorrow and be back to normal by Sunday.

It is too hot to be outside so we keep the house closed up with 2 fans on until late in the afternoon.The dog appreciates the fans.

Plants and lawns are suffering terribly.

I worked my usual gate guard job last week, actually 10 days of it. Was hot and dusty most of the time. Also very windy.

I only have 2 photos from my 10 days. One of the fellows cooked red beans and rice in a Dutch oven in our fire ring as well as a Tri-tip roast. That was our dinner. Very good! We also had corn on the cob cooked directly in the fire. The corn is best if it chars a little bit. We don’t remove the husks or silks. After a cob is done we use a pair of clean gloves to pull back the husks which take the silks with them. The husks although hot, become the handle to eat the corn. We just roll the ear in a stick of butter and eat. It is our lunch on Thursday. 

 Camp oven and Dutch oven cooking. The other device is a camp waffle iron which in this case is being burned off before it is used to cook a waffle.

I finished up last Friday and spent the morning taking down camp and stowing everything for travel. I had Craig drive up and pick up a garbage can full of aluminum cans and plastic bottles along with 4 ice chests and 4 folding chairs. I didn’t want to take them with me as we were camping at Pismo Beach with Budd and Brenda for 4 days. I was in no hurry to leave so got the floors vacuumed and even had time for a shower.

I pulled out from the gate at 12 noon and about 1:30 I pulled into the campsite at Pismo. Paul and Kathy our neighbors came in about 1 PM. Clyda had ridden up with them.

We spent a very nice weekend which included shopping at an RV store and Miners Hardware store. They have everything. We played Mexican Train and Checkit in the evenings.

We came home on Tuesday about 12:30 PM. It was already so hot that I didn’t unload much from the RV. In fact I only unloaded the truck this morning because I needed to drive it to a Retiree’s picnic today. I did manage to get it washed as it was filthy from the dust and pollen.

I have more unloading in the RV as we will leave here about June 4th for our trip to Lynden WA for Michaels wedding. We will take 2 weeks to drive 1400 miles. We won’t travel everyday as we want to spend some time in a few locations. Because of the heat we will drive the East side of the Sierras where it is much cooler. At least it will be after we leave Bishop and climb up to Mammoth, CA.