Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some updates to the last blog.

Location, At Home

Some updates first.

I did pick up the RV on the 16th.  The slide out did work this time when we tried it in the lot before I hooked up and drove home. I haven’t tried it since.

I did finally manage to get some satisfaction out of my new Dell Laptop. I have no idea what happened but I down loaded a few Malware removal programs, ran them, and then installed the Fire Fox browser and lo and behold,,, It worked. Not sure why but I won’t question it.

On to new stuff. I have been getting the RV ready to leave in January. There is always something to check, fix, or replace. The batteries are topped off and everything I removed before it went into the shop has been put back.

I needed to repair a small hole in the A/C shroud which happened somewhere in all this repair mess. The easiest way is to put a fiberglass patch on it. I bought a repair kit and then removed the shroud and found out that the repair I did a few years ago did not adhere to the shroud itself. I suspect that the shroud is plastic not fiberglass so it won’t stick.

After himmming and hawwwwing I decided to buy a new one on Amazon. It is due to arrive tomorrow so if it is not the correct one I can still do some repair on the old shroud before I leave.

I think we are ready for Christmas. We did have a problem with one package we sent to Texas. I was tracking it and found out the Post Office is returning it because of “Insufficent Address”. So now I guess it will become a New Year’s present. Bummer.

This is the small palm tree in our front yard. A California Christmas Tree I guess.

Merry Christmas to all who follow this blog.