Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A great trip, but a sore butt.

We are back home after a long trip starting about 11 AM Sunday morning. Going through Customs in St Maartin was nothing like the circus we went through in New York. It is obvious that 9/11 changed a lot about the way people entering this country after visiting a foreign land are treated. Just saying.

A four and a half hour flight to JFK in New York followed by a five and a half hour flight to Los Angeles gives new meaning to the term “sore butt”.

We arrived in LA at 12:30 AM Monday morning, picked up our luggage and waited until almost 1:30 for the hotel shuttle to take us to the LA Hilton. By the time we got to our room it was almost 2 AM LA time but 5 AM St Maartin time.

I had picked up a cold on Friday which made for a miserable flight. I had trouble clearing my ears as we descended in altitude.

By 2 AM I just flopped into bed and then couldn't sleep. Too much antihistamine I am sure as I don't normally take that stuff.

We took the 11 AM Airbus back home yesterday morning arriving about 1:30 PM. A very long trip.

Don't get me wrong, we loved the trip both to Orlando and St Maartin. It is the travel that gets tiring.

I want to include one or two photos from St Maartin to finish this.

Also, as bad as I feel, there is no time to rest as I leave Friday morning for Death Valley.

I did sleep for several hours last night, thank goodness.

 I am thinking of having a 10 foot canvas print made of this for my living room wall so I can enjoy the view whenever I want. What do you think?