Saturday, November 21, 2015

Long delayed post.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Yes it is. Temp 82 degrees, sunny and warm.

Just got to rub it in a little for the folks living in other parts of the country.

It has been a whole month since I last posted and that was because of my fall trip to Death Valley. I had little time to post as we were very busy the whole time. Besides, Internet service was non-existent in DV. We did have cell service but even that was spotty. It is mainly due to the large number of people trying to access it during 49er days.

I traveled to Baker, CA on Oct 23rd where we always gather to start our trips and where we spend the night back of the Madd Greek Restaurant, a free parking spot.

The next day we moved to the BLM area outside of Tecopa, CA also a free spot.

On Sunday I picked up son Tim in Las Vegas and we went to Lunch at Hash House A Go Go. I had heard about this place but have never been to one. It is located in the LINQ area under the big High Roller (Ferris wheel). We shared a Chicken and Waffle lunch. Way too much food even for 2 of us. Quite an experience!

We shopped for groceries, and fuel and then drove back to Tecopa.

For the next 3 days we explored the Southern end of Greenwater Valley, the Salt Springs area along Hwy 127, and attached ourselves to a local guided 4x4 trip East of Tecopa.

Some of us even soaked in the hot springs at Tecopa. Ahhhhhhh! Heaven!

On Thursday Oct 29th we moved to Furnace Creek in Death Valley and camped at Sunset Campground. We normally don't make this move until Friday but wind was predicted so we moved early.

On Saturday we moved into Furnace Creek Campground for the next 2 weeks.

We kept very busy with 4x4 trips and hikes for the next 5 days while Tim was with us.

We finally found my rock with the petroglyphs on it on Scotties Castle Road (we looked for 2 years for it), hiked to burnt wagon point where the 1849'ers burned their wagons and then walked out of Death Valley, found the “other” Rood rock near Emigrant, and spent the day in Panamint Valley at the Early Man site and looking for geoglyphs (early man rock alignments).

 Storm approaching in Panamint Valley.

We drove Tim to the airport on November 4 and picked up a few groceries as well before we came back.

It is really great to have Tim with us to identify rocks which are in abundance in Death Valley. We all enjoy his company.

We continued with our explorations until Nov 11 when the 49er activities started at Furnace Creek.